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Writing Projects

Letters for Fundraising Campaigns

Annually created content to send to supporters. At least one mailing campaign per quarter that was sent to thousands of households.

Here are some examples of the ones created:


Press Releases

Press releases have been an important aspect of each job I've held. These also help support my strong writing skills.


Below are some that I wrote and sent to the media in order to communicate an event, campaign or announce a story to the public through local media sources:

RMHC Run4Kids News Ch.9 with Greg.jpg

Magazine Articles

Magazine articles written for a local source - HealthScope - while I held an internship at Life Care Centers of America.

85526-Corporate_Healthscope_Advertorial img.png

Blog Posts & Feature Stories

Throughout my career, I've written stories for organizations. These were often in printed materials for supporters as a "thank you" or online for those visiting the site to read personal testimonials.

Here are a few I wrote:

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